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Indicator light status
Camera can’t be reset
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About the recordings
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Unable to configure the network
  • Failed to add devices or couldn’t configure the network?


Please note the status of the indicator light and find the right solution accordingly:

①Red light should blink slowly (twice a second) before the device being added. If not, please restore the device to factory settings (keep pressing the reset button until you hear the toot sound)

②5GHz WiFi is not supported, please confirm the network used is 2.4GHz WiFi.

③WiFi password must be entered correctly and without any complicated special letters.

④Check if the network is in good condition, if not, please restart the router and try it again.


  • How to judge whether the router WIFI is 2.4G or 5G?


Search your router model and analyze the WiFi band it supports. The camera can only support the band of 2.4G.

If the router is a dual-band router, please connect the 2.4G band WIFI before adding the device.

If the router only supports 2.4G WiFi, device can be added.

If it only supports 5G Wifi, device couldn’t be added successfully, then you may need to change a router.


  • How to judge whether the WIFI connected to the mobile phone is 2.4G or 5G?


By default, dual-band routers will issue two SSID names, such as:

XXXX_2.4G”   “XXXX_5G”,

if you select the “XXXX_2.4G”, it means your phone is connecting to 2.4G WIFI. (Non-dual-band routers will not have two SSIDs)

If you have manually modified the default SSID of the router before, please check the router setting to determine which SSID corresponds to 2.4G WIFI.


  • Why does it fail to configure the camera network by other phones?


A camera can only be bound by one account, while others can only view the video through the sharing mechanism. Only when the device is removed out from the bound account, other account could add and configure it successfully.

Indicator light status

① Red light solid on

State: camera or network is abnormal.

Solution: reset the device and connect the network again.

② Red light blinks slowly

State: await for network configuration.

Solution: please connect the network.

③ Blue light solid on

State: camera performs normally.

Solution: start to use it.

④ Blue light blinks slowly

State: camera is in Manual configuration mode or is being previewed.

Solution: normal state.

⑤ Red light/blue light blinks fast

State: camera is connecting the network

Solution: normal state

Camera can’t be reset
  • How to restore the device to factory settings?


Find the reset button, keep pressing it until the indicator light goes out and then release it, after a prompt tone, the device will restart and the indicator light will be on.


  • Reset diagram


Camera with reset hole

Camera with reset button
Preview and playback
  • What should I do if the App can’t load the video and the device is disconnected?


Please firstly check the power supply and the network, if they are normal, please cut off the power and restart the camera. If it is still disconnected after restarted, please remove out the device in APP and restore it to the factory settings, then re-add it.


  • What should I do if the APP failed to access to the device?


Please restore the device to the factory settings and re-add it. If this problem still occurs, please contact us directly.


  • What should I do when the APP can not load the video and shows disconnected?


Find solutions according to the indicator light status:

1. Light is off, indicating that the device is not powered. Please carefully check the power supply and the interface. Another power supply is recommended.

2. Light is on:

A: Red light, indicates the camera network is disconnected. Please check the stability of the WiFi, restart the router if needed and move the device closer to the router.

B: Blue light, indicates the camera network is connected. Please check if the network of mobile phone is normal. Video stream may not be transmitted to the mobile phone if its network not smooth.


  • Why doesn’t the video play smoothly and a circle appeared in the middle of the screen?


Circle appeared indicates the video is loading. Video delay is caused by the unstable network. Please check the conditions of your network, and place the camera as close as possible to the router.

About the recordings
  • What is the difference between the different colors of the video’s timeline?


Red for alarm record and green for normal record.


  • Why is there blank in the Recording and intermittently occurs?


Blank means no record. Solutions for different video modes:

SD card mode: video will be stopped recording when the device is powered off. Please check if the device was powered on at the blank timeline. If it was abnormally powered off, please check whether the power supply, power cord and power interface of the device work properly.

Cloud storage mode: video can’t be transmitted to the cloud server normally if the network not smooth. In this case, please check the conditions of your network.


  • Why can’t the device identify the TF card?


Please firstly refer to the SD card settings guide in the manual and confirm whether your SD card meets the requirements. Then, check the network. TF card won’t be identified if the cell phone or device in an unstable network environment.


  • Can I still view the video if my camera is stolen?


1. Yes , you can view the video saved on the cloud server if you bought the service of cloud storage.

2. No, the video can’t be viewed if it was stored in SD card and the card was missed along with the device, but you can see the pictures pushed by mobile alarm notification.

About the video quality
  • How to deal with the noise on the image when the light is dim?


Image quality will be affected by the brightness of light. So to assure a good image quality, the camera will work in black and white mode when light is insufficient.

Check if the image is in black and white mode and whether the IR light is on, if not, please cover the whole lens with your hand until you hear the prompt tone which indicates the IR light is on and the image will be switched to black and white mode.

About the alarm notifications
  • How come the phone can not receive the alarm messages?


Please confirm that the APP notification push authority is enabled in your phone and all the mobile alarm settings in the APP are turned on.

Under normal circumstance, messages will show on the notification bar of your mobile phone when abnormalities are detected. It depends on your phone settings whether there is a sound or vibration reminder.

About the account
  • How many people can log in the same account at the same time?


An account can only be logged by one cell phone and one PC at the same time, while others can only view the video through the sharing mechanism.


  • How many accounts can I share with at most?


No limit.


  • Why doesn’t the shared account have the complete permission to operate the device?


For safety consideration, permission of the shared accounts is limited. They could operate the full functions only by logging in with the bound account.

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