Meari is a professional research and development company focused on surveillance cameras, smart home and IoT smart products.

More than 60% of the company’s staff is R&D personnel, Most of Meari’s core members have more than 15 years working experience in security and the core team has more than 10 years working experience in security and surveillance industry.Meari is determined to provide innovative products, service and solutions that meet the increasingly demanding product requirements of customers and surpass customers’ expectation. At present, Meari’s products are distributed in dozens of countries around the world, including Europe, North America and Australia. Meari product is available at retail chain stores such as Walmart, Bestbuy and Kingfisher throughout Europe and the United States. At the same time, achieved outstanding sale results in e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay and JD.

A one-stop security and surveillance solution

Meari Technology can provide a One-stop video surveillance solution service. The company has a complete R&D team for the surveillance camera, including graphic interface design, industrial design, structural design, hardware design, embedded software, APP and server. The cooperation boundary can be flexibly defined according to the needs of customers, and the problems of the guests can be solved quickly and efficiently.

  • Provide fast APP customization service.
  • Provide standardized SDK and intergration guide manual for the app.
  • Provide a complete private cloud deployment solution to protect users’ data
  • Provide smart home Saas layer services.
  • Provide customized development services for ID, structure and hardware.

Rich prodct line, covering all civilian video products

Meari Technology has a complete line of civilian surveillance video products, including, indoor camera, indoor Pan&Tilt camera, outdoor,outdoor pan & tilt camera, Baby monitor, battery-operated camera, smart doorbell, floodlight camera, and camera module that is suitable for garage, pet feeder etc.At the same time, Meari Technology support mainstream IoT protocol, allows the user manage different smart home products using one single APP

Core Technology

  •  Video image processing and intelligent analysis
  •  Unique stylish design and advanced structure  capabilities
  • Reliable hardware design
  • Mature and stable low power consumption software and hardware platform
  • Comprehensive capabilities of embedded software, APP and cloud server development related to intelligent video products


Young and cohesive

60% of Meari employees are R & D teams, 21% are marketing and 19% are operating teams


Launched 10 first-generation WIFI cameras


Release of APP and second-generation WIFI camera


Released 3rd generation WIFI cameras and 1st generation battery cameras


Released the first generation of low power doorbells and the first generation of luminaire cameras


Released the second-generation low-power video doorbell


Released 1st generation Baby 1M / Baby 1S baby care device and 1st generation Bell 11A voice doorbell